Dark Log Bar Stools


Dark bar stools, standard bar height, larger seat and taller backrest than the Light Bar Stool that I also have plans listed for.



These bar stools have a larger seat and the back rest is taller than the other style I have also posted. These have not held up as well in the bar environment because they can be tipped and land on the backrest itself and after a couple years of abuse I have had to rebuild nearly 20 percent of the backs.  We keep building these chairs because they are arguably the more comfortable of the two.  I prefer the other style but have several customers that continue to order this style due to the comfort.  A couple years in a rough outdoor commercial bar environment is pretty darn good for a wood chair, the large mortise and tenon really help.  The wood you use MUST be under 10% moisture content prior to ant drilling, tenoning, even cutting to length as the ends are more prone to cracking.  Once assembled they all get a healthy coating of raw linseed oil or stain.  I usually don’t varnish them for a week or two after assembly and the chair has settled into how it wants to sit.  The legs are then trimmed so the chair sits without rocking and, again for lack of a better description the bottom of the legs are somewhat sharpened like a pencil, a good healthy 1/2″ bevel around the bottom to prevent the leg from splitting or tearing when dragging or scooting these chairs around. If I can help explain anything to do with this furniture, please let me know, I’d love to help.  Can’t source the material locally? I have pole cutting permits and a sawmill, I can send a lumber package for the chairs also.  Shipping the assembled chair is expensive, I will build custom orders and freight them for orders over 8 or more.  Thank you and have a great day.


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