Log Bar Stools


Log barstools, approx 32′ of pole and 15″x 19″ seat slab.



These are standard height log chairs that will work with any elevated bar that is standard height of 42″.  These are the lightest in weight of my two chair styles and have held up the best of both as well.  I have built nearly 200 of this style for an outdoor bar and have held up great over the last 8 years with minimal maintenance.  The wood must be below 10% moisture content prior to any drilling or tenoning, if you use green wood (fresh cut, not pressure treated) they will fall apart in less than a year, moisture content is critical for an item that will take as much stress as a bar stool.  We could work out a way to ship the materials, I have pole permits and cut all my own furniture wood and also have a sawmill to make the slabs or whatever you may want or need in the future.  Please contact me if you feel anything should be better clarified, YouTube videos will be up shortly that give detailed assembly steps throughout the process.


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