Log chair leg drilling jig


This jig is designed for drilling the holes in my log chairs using a heavy duty drill press, the plans for the chairs as well as YouTube tutorial videos will be uploaded soon.



I’ve made hundreds of the chairs that this jig is built for, the chair plans will be up for sale soon as well as YouTube tutorial videos that help explain the build process.  This jig will help make sure all holes are drilled opposing each other by 90 degrees and not one measurement ever taped out or marked on the way. The legs should be cut to length using a chopsaw or miter saw with stops in place.  Each chair before this jig used to take me nearly 6 hours (including peeling the logs) and with this jig each is done in under four if you make one at a time, I usually build them in sets of 8 which brings down the average to around 2.5 hours each.


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