Rustic rope swing plans


Rustic slab rope swing

These were originally designed to hang against an outdoor bar with a continuous foot rail.  Very comfortable and easy to get in and out of, the bar was a horseshoe shape with 4 foot roof eaves which allowed these to be hung all the way around with plenty of shade and facing the bar and others around you.  These are much more comfortable than typical bar stools on legs and a very unique feel much like a rocker with the way the ropes are hung.

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These are plans for a rope swing made of 2″ thick pine slabs that seats two and hangs from ropes.  Requires only simple tools, circular saw to size, shape with a jig saw or bandsaw, assemble with screws or timberlocks and cover with a wood plug if desired, finally give it detail with a grinder and 24 grit metal polishing pad or sand it smooth, whichever finish you prefer!


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